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Automotive Locksmith Auckland

Automotive keys have come a long way in the last 20 years, constantly evolving to give higher security and ease of use. Bingo Locks specialize in cutting & programming automotive keys and can help you get back on the road when your only existing key is lost, stolen or damaged. We cover a wide range of makes and models and come to you to and make keys at home or on the roadside. 
With the latest specialized equipment we ensure your vehicles key is cut perfectly to suit the designated locks smoothly and correctly.

Our locksmiths can help when your only existing key is lost and get you back on the road or when you just need a spare/duplicate.​​


Holden Remote Key
  • Automotive Keys Cut & Programmed

  • Ignition and door lock repairs, replacement and key matching.

  • Proximity/smart keys and remotes

  • Car opening and roadside service

  • Battery replacement and key testing.

  • Diagnostics & fault code scanning

When you call Bingo Locks you will be connected with an actual locksmith that can understand your automotive lock and key needs and help diagnose and advise on the best solution over the phone or on site.

We come to you when all keys are lost and can make keys for a wide range of makes & models on-site.

Just some of the models we cover include: Toyota, Mazda, Honda, Nissan, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Holden, Ford, Chrysler, Hyundai/Kia, VW, Audi, BMW, Citroën/Peugeot & many more.


Contact Bingo Locks today for more information in regards to a replacement or spare key for your car today. It is best to call so we can get as many details as possible about the car as many of the same models can use different key types and systems. If you would like to message us please include as many details as possible including license plate number. 
The cost to replace your key can depend on a number of factors including the make and model, the type of key eg genuine or aftermarket, proximity type or standard transponder key.

Bingo Locks supply, cut and program genuine OEM proximity keys and remote keys. We also stock a range of aftermarket keys at affordable prices that can save you a lot! We test all of the products we sell and do not use inferior keys and remotes.


Bingo Locks have specialized in cutting and programming automotive keys for over 15 years and can help you for the best price in Auckland. Our mobile service comes to you no matter where rain or shine and can get your car back up and running. Talk to us today for friendly advice and service you can rely on.

How much will my car key cost?

There are a number of factors that can determine how much it will cost to have a new key made for your vehicle. Is it an all keys lost situation or creating a duplicate? The make and model of the car are a big determining factor in how much the key will cost e.g. is it a regular key, transponder key, remote key with transponder or proximity key? Is this during working hours or after hours? Is this an urgent job or are you able to book it in? Bingo Locks pride ourselves on offering the cheapest rates in Auckland for many types of car keys and remotes. To get an accurate price for your vehicle please contact us today by phone, email or contact through website and we will quickly get back to you with a price and availability.

Recently many people have begun ordering keys and remotes online and while we are happy to attempt to program them for you, it really is best that you talk to a locksmith before ordering anything as many keys that look the same will have different internals and will not program correctly to your car. In some cases the immobilizer will function but remote buttons will not so again, we recommend talking to a qualified locksmith who will get you the right key and save you the headache!

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